Responsible Mining

At MW Mines, systematic and scientific mining is sustained with the help of state-of-the art computerised scheduling. The mining operation is carried out through the fully mechanised open cast mining method, and controlled blasting is adopted at the mine site through the use of electronic detonators for exact precision. The equipment used includes drill machines, hydraulic excavators, in-site rock breakers, dumpers, loaders,crushers and other mining equipment.

The hard overburden generated is dumped or used to back-fill the area with good topsoil. The area is rehabilitated in a planned way by adopting large scale afforestation. The reclamation and rehabilitation of the mined area is a continuous process at MW Mines. The dumps are well designed and maintained with a predefined slope angle for maximum stability. In order to meet the Limestone quality requirements, MW Mines has established a state of art laboratory at the mine site and the product quality is maintained by regular analysis of blast hole samples before blasting.

Customer Services and Logistics

We pride ourselves on our ability to accurately respond to all orders, small or large, and on our reliable and speedy delivery throughout the country. Our team of sales coordinators keep in touch with customers to anticipate their requirements and, if the consumers’ specification changes, we pride ourselves on our capacity to respond to them quickly. The efficiency of our supply chain, from the quarry to the customer's destination, is of utmost concern to us. It includes coordinating the correct equipment and the transport agency with the particular product being transported.

From mining to transportation, we strive to be the kind of company you'd be pleased to have as your supplier and happy to have as your neighbor.