MW Dolomitic limestone or limestone having more than of > 5 % MgO, makes it ideal for Agriculture lime, brick making, fillers in various industries , rock dusting , Manufacturing of dolime etc.

Addition of calcium and magnesium, improve soil structure, and maintain or promote conditions favorable for the utilization of soil nutrients by plants and for the growth of desirable soil organisms. Hence MW Dolomitic limestone finds perfect use in agriculture.

MW Dolomitic limestone meets the specification for sprinkling on the floors and walls of stock barns, especially dairy barns, where it serves as a neutralizing agent and absorbent of organic wastes and also for giving it a clean appearance.

MW Dolomitic limestone can meet the specification of any industry which require Limestone of TC > 90% and MgO >5.

ConstituentsDolomitic Limestone
MgO 5% to 12%
TC >90%