Limestone :
Multiple Properties – Manifold Uses

Limestone is considered the essential chemical of the industrial world and considered “major contributor to and an indicator of the economic well being of the nation.” Limestone is generally abundant but the high quality Limestone required by industry is uncommon.

Grade Limestone

MW Chemical grade limestone is high quality natural deposit which meets exact chemical and physical properties required by wide range of Industries. Super Chemical grade limestone is ideal for high calcium lime/ PCC production in vertical shaft and rotary kilns in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

MW chemical grade limestone has more than 95 % of specific levels of Calcium Carbonate and because of its high level of purity it contains very low levels of residuals.

The purity of chemical grade limestone makes it ideal for various industries which require high specification like flue gas desulphurization, Glass, Ceramic, Paper, Textile, Tanning Industries, calcium carbide, alkali, bleaching powder, water purification and sugar.

The broad specification of Chemical grade limestone is given as :

Constituents Super Chemical Grade Limestone Chemical Grade Limestone
CaO > 54.5 % > 53.5%
MgO < 0.5% < 1.0%
SiO2 < 0.75% < 1.5%