About MW Mines

MW Mines Pvt. Ltd, own and operates a 335 Hectare chemical grade Limestone deposit, which is situated about 18 Km from Khimsar, off the National Highway 65, in village Madhpura, Tehsil Khimsar, Nagaur, Rajasthan. The proper utilisation of the mineral resources of this high grade Limestone deposit has made MW Mines the leading Limestone supplier, known for its end user’s process oriented approach and quick delivery times. Ever since the commencement of mining in November 2007, the company has aspired to be the Best Merchant Limestone Company it can be. Since then, MW Mines has evolved and through the utilisation of advanced techniques optimised its output from the operation.

Through innovation and engagement, MW Mines commits to creating value and maximizing output by setting improvement targets across four platforms:

Operational excellence – Achieving cost effective operations through the integration of advanced operational and technical principles.

Health and safety – Our safety protocol aims for zero harm at the workplace through a focus on workplace behaviour, leadership and risk management.

People – Believing and developing a streamlined operating model through continuous talent development and recruitment.

Sustainability and external relations – At MW Mines, we believe in maintaining a balance between our work, and our ecological and societal responsibilities, by aspiring to be best in the industry and community.

The more we explore
the more we gain

The story of MW Limestone started in 1982 when the National Mineral Development Corporation (NMDC) scouted for high grade Limestone in the Sojat-Bilara-Nagaur limestone belt in the famous Vindhyan Supergroups. After a detailed investigation and exploration of various potential zones, over an area of approx. 100 in the region, NMDC finalised and obtained a mining lease of 3.35 sq km. In 2007, MW Mines aqcuired the operation of this deposit from NMDC. With an active exploration program and extensive modelling of high grade Limestone deposit, the company has consistently grown its reserve and has been able to meet the demands of limestone for a wide range of Industries.