Our commitment, towards a positive future.

At MW Mines, we believe that our responsibility is not only towards our customers, but it also extends towards the community and the environment. We work with local communities to create a positive impact in Education and health domains as both are integral to achieve a good quality of life. This way we ensure a commitment not only to economic development, but also to the wellbeing of our workforce, community and society.

In particular, MW Mines initiatives are focused on the value of education and spread of knowledge for girls and women.

Education and Health – MW Mines has initiated a program that provides financial assistance for female students to participate in vocational and technical courses - paving the way for a bright future. Additionally, MW Mines holds ‘Village Health Camps’ to address the gaps in rural health programs.

Environment and Sustainability - To promote a green and sustainable environment, MW Mines proactively implements the concept of green productivity and takes preventive measures in and around the mine site. Conservation of natural resources and pollution control is a part of its operation module.

Vocational Computer Training – MW Mines facilitates learning in the community by providing computers and free Internet in nearby schools to ensure all schoolchildren are computer literate. This is just the first step in preparing local schoolchildren to deal with the challenges of the modern world. The schoolchildren will also be taught using online free educational portals, like the ‘Khan Academy’.